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About Us
The company has strong technology and talent reserves, the R & D team consists of a group of high-quality, highly skilled personnel in the industry, and technical cooperation with a number of domestic R & D institutions and universities, pursuing the industry's most cutting-edge technology areas, and constantly integrate and innovate to enrich the content and level of the product to meet the needs of the industry and society.
Customised services

Overall design
Layout, devices, communications, data, power, security, interfaces, scalability
GCS customization
Functional customization, interface design, communication data processing, etc., catering to customer needs.
System integration
System integration is the process of integrating components to achieve functional interoperability and collaboration
Structural design
Ground station structure designed to meet the functional requirements of UAV ground operations
R&D Team
We are a R&D orientated team. Engineers and technicians account for 90 per cent of the total number of employees, of which 30 per cent are PhDs and senior engineers and 60 per cent are engineers and technicians. The main technical team is engaged in the research and development of UAVs, remote control systems and wireless communication systems. All products are completely self-developed.
We offer: OEM ODM
2015 ~ 2024 Come and see us grow!
Building B4 1106, Yunzhi Science Park, Guangming Street, Shenzhen, China